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Bored & Thirsty, the Revolutionary Beverage + Media Company, Launches with a Mission to Turn the Boring Water CPG Category into a Platform for Artistic Self-Expression

Bored & Thirsty, the Revolutionary Beverage + Media Company, Launches with a Mission to Turn the Boring Water CPG Category into a Platform for Artistic Self-Expression

SANTA ANA, Calif., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bored & Thirsty, the first-of-its-kind Media + CPG brand, is officially launching today, offering consumers a unique and refreshing way to express themselves through a premium alkaline water experience.

Bored & Thirsty is already turning heads in the beverage industry, with partnerships with KeHE, Save Mart / Lucky, Life is Beautiful Music Festival, C3 Presents, 7-Eleven, and Amazon. This sets the stage for rapid national expansion and makes Bored & Thirsty one of the most anticipated new beverage brands of 2023.

The company was founded by Darin Rasmussen and Kurt Lohse, two experienced entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation. Rasmussen and Lohse share a vision of creating a unique beverage and media company that transcends the traditional boundaries of consumer-packaged goods. They aim to redefine how people interact with beverages, art, and media, and by intertwining these elements, they are pioneering an entirely new Media + CPG segment that empowers consumers to make a personal statement with their drink choices.

Key Achievements and Partnerships:

Exclusive Water Partner for Life is Beautiful Music Festival Sept. 22-24, downtown Las Vegas. As the exclusive water provider for Las Vegas’ renowned Life is Beautiful Music Festival, Bored & Thirsty will gain mass exposure through custom can offerings and merchandise during the three-day event with 150,000-170,000 concert goers, and over 1.2 million greater festival attendees.

Offering the first of its kind Augmented Reality (AR) enabled can of alkaline water featuring an original song clip from Snoop Dogg. See Video: Bored & Thirsty AR

Strategic Relationship building with 7-Eleven: Bored & Thirsty exhibited at the national 7-Eleven-hosted trade event last month, receiving wholesale order requests from franchise owners across the country representing over a dozen FOAs operating over 1,200 stores.

Approved for approximately 200 Save Mart & Lucky Stores in Central and Northern California in partnership with national mass beverage distributor KeHE.

Partnership developed with C3 Presents to provide the exclusive packaged water for Darker Waves, an 80s themed music festival with iconic bands from the 80s performing in Huntington Beach, CA November 18, 2023.

Strategic Partnership with Octane Capital & Growth for startup acceleration and funding strategy. Bored & Thirsty was one of the headliner companies that presented at the Tech Innovation Forum, a large investing event at UCI Beall Center for applied innovation on May 9th – 11th, 2023.

Bored & Thirsty Amazon Store: Bored & Thirsty is available for sale online, making Bored & Thirsty products available direct to customers throughout the U.S.

Why Beverage Industry Trade Editors Should Care:

Bored & Thirsty is a disruptive new entrant into the beverage industry with a unique and innovative approach to the water category. The company’s focus on artistic self-expression and its partnerships with leading music festivals and other cultural marketplaces make it a brand that is poised to resonate with consumers of all ages.

In addition, Bored & Thirsty’s commitment to sustainability, proprietary alkaline water formulation, and its use of high-quality manufacturing processes make it a brand that is aligned with the values of many beverage industry trade insiders. For example, Bored & Thirsty’s cans are made from recycled aluminum and the company uses a low-carbon bottling process to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible throughout national expansion.

About Boredroom LLC / Bored & Thirsty

Boredroom LLC / Bored & Thirsty is a revolutionary Media + CPG company that is turning the boring water CPG category into a platform for artistic self-expression. The company offers a premium alkaline water experience with unique and eye-catching can designs celebrating renowned artists, web3 projects, and artistic endeavors by traditional brands. Building on its mission to build communities around art, Bored & Thirsty is also fully committed to sustainability and the elimination of single-use plastics.

About The Industry Collective

The Industry Collective is a public relations and marketing agency that specializes in the beverage industry. The agency has a proven track record of helping beverage brands achieve their marketing goals and launch new products successfully. The Industry Collective is proud to represent Bored & Thirsty and is excited to help the company achieve its mission of becoming the leading Media + CPG brand in the water category.

For more information, visit https://boredandthirsty.com/.

Media & Communications Contact: Taylor Foxman, 609-432-2237, [email protected]

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