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Partnership offers risk governance distinction to Boardwise board candidate credentials and expands options for DCRO Institute general governance training.

We are excited to offer DCRO’s high-quality programs to supplement our offerings for directors. Together, we contribute to high-performance governance and top-quality directors globally.”

— Dr. Donna Hamlin, CEO of Boardwise, Inc.

GLOBAL, ORGANIZATION, May 12, 2022 / — The DCRO Institute is pleased to announce that Boardwise, Inc. a Global Governance advisory firm on best practices, which certifies and places board members and executives, has joined the DCRO Institute as an Affiliate Partner. The goals of this relationship are to 1) further distinguish enrollees and graduates of Boardwise programs with DCRO Institute credentials like the Certificate in Risk Governance® and the Qualified Risk Director® designation and 2) enhance members’ candidacy and fit for key director roles with Boardwise’s programs and placement registry.

The DCRO Institute is a global collaborative of board members and c-level executives that offers a comprehensive library of on-demand courses, study programs, director development tools, networking, and sharing of best practices to foster better risk governance at organizations of all types. Affiliate Partners of the DCRO Institute bring our standard programs, as well as custom programs using our materials, to their clients. They also help the DCRO Institute to identify and disseminate local best practices to its global audience.

The Boardwise relationship with the DCRO Institute includes engagement of aspiring directors in DCRO Institute programs through a referral from Boardwise and offering Boardwise governance training to those entering the DCRO Institute Board Ascendancy program.

“Donna Hamlin is a highly regarded board member and executive coach with a long history of success,” said David R. Koenig, President and Chief Executive Officer of the DCRO Institute. “By helping her clients add risk governance distinction to their board credentials and by introducing our Board Ascendancy clients to Boardwise governance training, we mutually advance our goals of improved board governance practices globally,” he continued.

“Our firm’s goal is to ensure that any candidate considered for a board role is armed for success. Partnering with DCRO Institute adds vital elements for this, as preparing directors for managing risk well is a key competency. We are excited to offer DCRO’s high-quality programs to supplement our offerings for directors. Together, we contribute to high-performance governance and top-quality directors globally, notes Dr. Donna Hamlin, CEO of Boardwise, Inc.

Among the programs offered by the DCRO Institute are its flagship course, The Board Members’ Course on Risk®, which is taught by some of the world’s leading figures in risk governance. The program features lessons by nearly 50 board members, c-level executives, and well-known authors from five continents, and graduates of the program are awarded the Certificate in Risk Governance®. Holders of the Certificate in Risk Governance® are leading in boardrooms and c-suites on five continents. Read testimonials about the program at

The DCRO Institute also offers the Qualified Risk Director® professional designation. This prestigious designation recognizes the distinguished ability to link corporate strategy to the positive governance of risk-taking. Permission to use the designation is granted to experienced senior executives and board members from diverse industries, experiences, and geographies who have completed a comprehensive evaluation process. Applicants are evaluated across their business experience, risk management and risk governance acumen, their demonstrated personal leadership, and their educational background. Candidates must demonstrate breadth and depth across all four to gain permission to use the designation.

The DCRO Institute’s full course library is vast and comprehensive. To learn more about our courses please visit or to learn more about our suite of programs.

About the DCRO Institute – The DCRO Institute is the home of the Qualified Risk Director® designation. We work globally to bring risk expertise to the boardroom and c-suite. Graduates from our programs are leaders in boardrooms and c-suites on five continents. Our goal, which is emblazoned on our logo, is to help organizations Innovate, Sustain, and Create Value. Visit to learn more.

About Boardwise – Boardwise, Inc. conducts research and advises boards on governance best practices globally. We conduct independent board evaluations, study and recommend best practices for improving board effectiveness, and certify and place qualified directors. Our aim is to ensure governance relentlessly improves and that any director is current and competent to serve. To learn more, visit

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