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Birth of a Star - Tako Glass

Never veering far from its ancient roots, modern glass artisans keep traditions alive through innovation.

Ancient techniques with only the simplest of ingredients can produce some incredible products.”

— Tako Glass

SEQUIM, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2022 / — Gone are the days of hiding your new heady glass pipe or bong in the shadows, speaking of it only with hushed excitement and secretive admiration with those initiated. Today’s cannabis smokers are out of the weed closet, fully embracing the movement, and are looking to the future with enthusiasm and innovation.

It is only through understanding the past can we move into the future, and the innovation we are seeing across the industry is firmly rooted in both. Cannabis culture is here to stay and the arbiters of the lifestyle and industry are celebrating the creativity and artistry long associated with the movement. Once considered contraband and paraphernalia, glass pipes and bongs for cannabis use have now been elevated to the level of high art and collectibles. So popular the culture has become, even publications like Forbes and TechCrunch routinely publish cannabis-centric articles.

Since ancient times, people have used glass as a preferred material for burning herbs due to its functionality and stability. Today, blown glass pipes and bongs are so adored they have become a serious niche within the industry on their own. The new generation of collectors and participants cherish the creativity, beauty, and innovation being infused into these creations, along with their great versatility. Glass bongs have origins that can be traced back to ancient Asia, evidence that classics truly never go out of style. Through countless incarnations and continuous evolution, we can now marvel at the ancient roots of a truly modern art form. Some incredible examples of this old-meets-new heritage and innovation can be seen in the works of Tako Glass, a glassblower out of Sequim, Washington. His works infuse the technology of ancient techniques such as Egyptian glass with a multitude of modern methods and his own unmistakable creativity.

According to Anne Lisa, a collector of cannabis objets d’art and founder of Online Dispensary Canada: “Some people collect crazy bongs and pipes that help to give an even higher high…and others just like to collect cool artifacts that are associated with weed.”

One common thread you’ll notice among the industry is that despite its very modern leanings, the history of glass pipes remains ever-relevant. From the past, artists and collectors are propelling this incredible niche into the future.

“Ancient techniques with only the simplest of ingredients can produce some incredible products. My Egyptian glass pieces are made with only clear glass and silver, and they encompass a truly modern style” states Tako Glass.

The earliest archeological evidence of bong use dates back 2,400 years. A golden bong used for smoking cannabis by the Iranian-Eurasian Scythe tribe’s chieftains was found in Russia, showing that people were enjoying the pleasures of cannabis through a water pipe 1,000 years earlier than previously known. Before the Russian archaeological discovery, the oldest evidence of waterpipe use with dried herbs came from an Ethiopian cave, dated to about 1,400 years ago. 11 ancient bongs made of animal horns and early pottery were discovered in this cave, leaving archeologists in awe at how in-depth filtration was achieved by the extensions on the bongs that held them underground. These were the original “gravity bongs!”!

Glass bongs and pipes made by leading artists have now reached the status of collectors’ items, with some pieces garnering price tags in upward of $1 million. The ancient history of glass demonstrates the perfection and versatility of this medium when combined with burning herbs, and through the ages and continuous evolution, glass pipes remain a timeless essential today.

Known from coast to coast for his wildly original glass bongs and bowls, Tako Glass has been at the torch, producing otherworldly blown glass creations for over 20 years. Born and raised in Hawaii, and presently working out of his home studio in beautiful Sequim, Washington, Tako Glass stands as one of the most innovative glassblowers in the US. His works have garnered an international following, and between his Etsy shop and his own online store, he fulfills the demand that sees his pieces selling out quickly after hitting the market. To learn more or to purchase Tako Glass works of art, visit

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