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COLTURE and Venice Music in Partnership With Million Dollaz Worth of Game Entertainment Launch Their First Music Artist, N3WYRKLA

With This Innovative Artist Power-Driven Move, N3WYRKLA and Fellow COLTURE Independent Artists Are Shifting Capital and Power Back to Where It Belongs – At the Helm of Artistry

New Artist N3WYRKLA Releases First EP on #NewMusicFriday, August 25

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — COLTURE and Venice Music, in partnership with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game Entertainment (MDWOG Entertainment), are proud to announce SELFishly enTITLED, the highly-anticipated debut EP of new crossover artist N3WYRKLA. N3WYRKLA’s soulfulness will appeal to fans of neo-soul, R&B, and Indie music.

Named after two of America’s favorite cities, N3WYRKLA’s refreshing sound with attention to detail emphasizes a one-of-a-kind “genre-bending” and “experimental” uniqueness. N3WYRKLA strives to break music genre walls. “My sound will not get boxed into one category,” she says.

The collaboration driving N3WYRKLA’s launch, marks the first time a podcast-based entertainment company has successfully collaborated with key industry distribution, management, and production partners to debut an independent R&B Alternative artist. MDWOG’s non-traditional expansion from a podcast to production company marks a pivotal moment in music.

This partnership launches MDWOG Entertainment’s music division on the heels of N3WYRKLA’s first EP, whose single, “care about myself,” recently dropped on all platforms.

COLTURE, founded by Ty Baisden and Jayne Andrew, who were recently voted to the 2023 Billboard Music R&B and Hip-Hop Power Players of the Year List, is a rapidly growing multi-media ecosystem of agencies empowering women, entertainment artists, athletes, and diverse entrepreneurs with necessary infrastructure, resources, and support to yield generational wealth. COLTURE’s forward-thinking business model proves that independent artists can succeed without losing significant profits to record labels.

COLTURE Co-founder Ty Baisden said of the artist’s debut, “COLTURE Music and Artist Partnerships is a visionary collective of industry leaders who are rewriting all of the rules. COLTURE is disrupting and redefining what it means to be independent in the music industry. We are doing what hasn’t been done before and this is just the first of many partnerships between COLTURE, Venice Music and MDWOG Entertainment.”

Venice Music is led by Troy Carter, who rose to prominence nurturing the careers of Lady Gaga, John Legend and serving as Spotify’s Global Head of Creator Services, overseeing the company’s growth strategy for artists and record labels, and Suzy Ryoo, Co-Founder and President of Venice Music bringing more than a decade of experience working in the intersection of tech, entertainment, and media.

“At Venice, we believe in the power of partnering with uniquely talented artists and the industry’s most forward-thinking entrepreneurs. This collaboration with COLTURE and MDWOG Entertainment, embodied by the incredible talent of N3WYRKLA, doubles down on our commitment to forging a new path in the music industry that prioritizes vision and artistic integrity,” said Troy Carter.

The Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, available on all platforms, is co-hosted by Gillie and Wallo267. Gillie, co-founder of Million Dollaz Worth of Game Entertainment shared, “Working with COLTURE and Venice Music has enabled us to create an industry-leading partnership amongst fearless teams. With N3WYRKLA, we plan to take every audience on an unbelievable ride and journey.”

With billions of downloads between COLTURE, Venice Music, and MDWOG Entertainment, the addition of N3WYRKLA to the cutting-edge R&B Alternative genre is expected to be a model for empowering independent artists. N3WYRKLA has already successfully generated great recognition from the recording industry.

Pre-save N3WYRKLA’s debut EP SELFishly enTITLED here.

About COLTURE Holdings
COLTURE Holdings is a vertically integrated holding company of a multi-media ecosystem of agencies. COLTURE empowers women, groundbreaking independent artists, athletes, and diverse entrepreneurs by providing them with infrastructure, shared resources, and support needed to achieve generational wealth. Diversifying the world’s leading businesses and brands, COLTURE is committed to distributing and innovating the world’s largest ecosystems and services while building paths and gateways for success.

COLTURE clients include chart topping R&B singer Brent Faiyaz and Grammy-nominated artist and actor, Malcolm Mays (Raising Kanan, Snowfall) and has garnered more than 1 BILLION streams on Spotify, and film and television placements on HBO and Showtime to name a few. COLTURE has 20 platinum and multi-platinum certifications and Grammy Award-winning and Emmy nominated artists. Visit https://www.colture.cc/ for more.


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