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Everyone Is Getting the Ticketmaster Problem Wrong: It’s All About Data, and Fans Can Fix It

SHOWX lauched a Change.org campaign where fans commit to only buying tickets directly from musicians, solving the decades long withholding of their fan data.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — When the senate judiciary committee met last week, they failed to address the foundational flaw of the concert industry – and now fans are taking matters into their own hands. Led by SHOWX, a mission-driven company that has been building a viable solution for musicians since 2020, a Change.org campaign just launched where fans will speak with one voice to fix the concert industry for good by only buying tickets directly from musicians.

Change.org Campaign

It’s about data. It’s always been about data; it will always be about data.

Whoever controls ticketing keeps the email data of the fans that buy the tickets. It might seem trivial, but this is the most valuable commodity in the concert business. It’s so valuable that ticketing companies including Live Nation/Ticketmaster have created exclusivity deals with all the viable venues making it nearly impossible for musicians to sell tickets directly to fans.

The reason for this is simple: If musicians owned the first-party data of their fans, they wouldn’t need a promoter – they would just take the risk on themselves and sell tickets directly to their fans. If musicians had the data of the fans that buy their tickets, they could directly market all forms of their commerce for the rest of their careers including merchandise, NFTs, live streams, Patreon, Cameo and their concert tickets.

Instead, promoters trap this data and only use it to market their future concerts, keeping musicians reliant on them to directly reach their fans. With control, musicians could also set the ticket price, processing fees and disallow secondary market tickets.

But somehow the senate judiciary hearing focused on how promoters could keep control of ticketing and better manage fees, pricing, and scalpers – missing the underlying problem. That’s why fans are being called upon to come together and use their purchasing power to create change.


Billboard article on how SHOWX created a direct-to-fan service that gives artists control of ticketing with the largest network of venues that let musicians control ticketing: https://bit.ly/3frxWDO


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