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Minneapolis Dads Starting National Music Movement to Raise Funds and Awareness for Youth Mental Health Crisis

Seeking Permission Which Launched Following COVID With 
Songs in the Key of Hope Pivots to Philanthropic Phase
Introduces The Neverlost Fund

MINNEAPOLIS, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Minneapolis dad duo whose personal passion project (Seeking Permission) managed to attract some of the top musical talents from Minneapolis to Nashville are now hoping their “Songs in the Key of Hope” can spark a national movement dedicated to helping the youth mental health crisis.

In the midst of the pandemic shutdown and in the shadow of the riots following the murder of George Floyd, Minneapolis dad Tom Fugleberg was searching for a way to explain an ever more inexplicable world to his three children. To do so, Fugleberg (co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at branding agency Friends & Neighbors) turned his creative energy to songwriting. After several weeks of late-night solo-sessions sitting around the bonfire strumming his guitar and writing, Fugleberg eventually shared a few song ideas with a long-lost friend, Brian Kroening – founder and CEO of Agency Blue and one of the driving forces behind the newly relaunched band Rocket Club. Soon the former advertising creative team found themselves transforming into a songwriting duo meeting in nearby parks and playing at picnic tables where they’d occasionally get an ovation from passersby.

After a few sessions, “Seeking Permission: Songs in the key of hope” was born, and Kroening solicited the help from renowned local music producer Matt Kirkwold (also of Rocket Club fame). In just two years, the project has attracted high profile talent from Minneapolis to Nashville including producers and musicians who have worked with Prince, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, and more.

“Our first three releases led to an outpouring of support from fans across the country with people collectively asking for more,” Fugleberg said. “We touched a nerve. Even nuttier, we have received some local media coverage that garnered national media interest.”

A Desire to Do More – The Neverlost Fund

Buoyed by the response, Fugleberg and Kroening felt compelled to do more, which is why Seeking Permission is introducing “The Neverlost Fund,” which will benefit organizations directly assisting children and youth who are struggling with anxiety and depression, with a special focus on those in underserved communities, where there is a particular shortage of people and services in place.

Seeking Permission Neverlost Announcement Video here.

“This is a natural extension of this passion project’s original intent,” Fugleberg said. “I was initially just trying to shine a little more light into the lives of my kids. As Brian and I have gained some steam, we were interested in amplifying the intent. So our project is now set up as a full-fledged business with the goal of creating amazing music for the masses while doing social good for kids.”

How It Works

All of Seeking Permission’s efforts go to creating original music with established artists who have big-time talent and even bigger hearts. Up to 50% of sales will be awarded to organizations dedicated to fighting the children’s mental health crisis.

“We believe that no child should ever feel alone – and if you’re never alone – you’re never lost,” Kroening said. “We are in the process of assembling a diverse team of non-profit experts and children’s mental health professionals and advocates to help us pitch the vision, as well as identify and vet our initial partners.”

The team is headed back into the studio to record their next series of songs which will be released later this year. The first collection of Seeking Permission songs, entitled “We Can Try,” “Love’s Gonna Break The Fall,” and “The Best For You” are available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify, and all your other favorite online music stores.

Love’s Gonna Break The Fall: 

We Can Try:

The Best For You

Join the Movement

Artists or producers interested in joining the effort, corporate sponsors or organizations tackling mental health issues for kids in underserved areas can get involved by filling out the JOIN US form at seeking-permission.com.

SOURCE Seeking Permission

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