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4by4 introduces new features in its high-quality stock footage platform ‘KEYCUT stock’

SEOUL, South Korea, May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 4by4(KRX: 389140.KQ), a visual content tech company, today announced the full renewal of its stock video footage platform, KEYCUT stock(, which specializes in 4K and higher resolution videos.

The site has expanded its product categories to include images, in addition to its 1.5 million high-quality videos footage, including impressive number of 8K video stock collection. KEYCUT stock has positioned itself as a “stock platform for super high-resolution video footage,” and with this renewal, it now provides a one-stop-shop for creators who require both images and videos.

The addition of an image category to the platform is significant as it presents the possibility of adding more categories in the future.

“This renewal has greater significance in that we have established new IT architecture that can easily accommodate expansion into various asset categories, in addition to enhancing user experience,” said Inho Choi, head of KEYCUT stock business division.

The renewed platform focuses on enhancing user convenience, with improvements made to the UI/UX and search performance. The revamped site features a more intuitive interface that enables users to easily navigate and find the content they need. The curation function has also been strengthened, allowing users to quickly and easily find content across different categories.

The system has been upgraded with the latest IT architecture to provide users with a more convenient environment, and it can easily accommodate additional service features. The search function has been strengthened through machine learning technology to provide more accurate search results based on user intent. The autocomplete and related content recommendation functions have also been added for convenience.

The renewed platform also features a change in pricing policy. Depending on the type of content, the pricing scheme has been diversified to allow users to purchase content at a more reasonable price. In addition, subscription plans have been introduced to provide users with more flexibility and cost savings. The company aims to provide a more diverse range of pricing options to meet the various needs of its customers.

“With this renewal, we will continue to make various attempts to advance the platform, including product categories expansion so that creators can more conveniently use various assets needed for quality content production, reflecting the latest technology trends such as generative AI,” added Choi.

About 4by4
Founded in 2017, 4by4 is a leading visual content tech company, leveraging its proprietary AI technology to drive various industries in creating immersive content. Its business includes three divisions: KEYCUT visual, creating immersive content experience; KEYCUT stock, an 8K super-high-definition video stock platform; and Pixell, an AI-based video image quality advancement solution. With the goal of innovating the entire industry ecosystem from content creation to distribution and consumption, 4by4 is one of few content production company to be a member of the Global 8K Association. Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, the company went public on the KOSDAQ in April 2022.

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