New Documentary proves UFO Secrecy…

Narrated by Matthew Modine

Released Digitally on April 18, 2023
Available here on most digital platforms

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Written and directed by Ron James. Distributed by 1091.

Presented by MUFON Television

SEDONA, Ariz., May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Accidental Truth, UFO Revelations” is a breakthrough documentary about UFOs that is narrated by legendary actor Matthew Modine. The film features prominent scientists and unexpected government insiders revealing facts about secret programs studying technology and materials recovered from anomalous incidents, and what they discovered.

“Accidental Truth” presents a trail of elusive government paperwork, supported by sometimes reluctant and even “accidental” admissions by a first-rate cast of “those in the know.”

Critics from The Debrief said the film makes “The best case yet for crash retrievals and non-human interaction, a UFO film we can recommend.” The film presents nearly 70 years of information, delivered through revealing research and sometimes poignant exchanges with the film’s cast.

Filmmaker Ron James, who is also the Media Relations Director for MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network, had this to say: “We make the most compelling case for the UFO cover-up ever presented in a single documentary.  The history of the deception is being washed away by the current narrative, and we are stopping that from happening”

Narrator, Actor Matthew Modine said, “This is an important Film, and I was really happy to be a part of it.” Modine’s narration has already won a festival award for narration.  The film overall has won 9 festival and competition awards.

“Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations” is being called “a masterpiece” and “one of the best UFO documentaries of all time” by early reviewers. It is available across all the normal digital platforms such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, etc. 

Produced by
Ron James, Matthew Modine, Adam Rackoff, Paul Davids, Jennifer Stein, Hollace Davids and Christopher O’Brien

Congressman Tim Burchett, Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Gary Nolan, Ralph Blumenthal, Nick Pope, Col. John Alexander, Lue Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, Richard Dolan, Mike Bara, Jimmy Church, Dave McDonald, Ron James, Melinda Leslie, Cheryll Jones, Katie Griboski, Elizabeth April and Danny Sheehan

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SOURCE Mutual UFO Network

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