BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a bold move that unites the world of independent film with the ongoing plight of striking actors, Alation Media announced their multi-award-winning dark comedy, “Publish or Perish,” directed by Emmy award-winning director, David Liban, will premiere with a unique celebration on August 19th at the iconic Fine Arts Beverly Hills Theater. Publish or Perish has procured an interim agreement from SAG as an independent film, underlining its support for the actors who have made invaluable contributions to the film.

Jonathan Miller, the film’s producer stated, “As a first-time filmmaker, we understand the challenging times that actors are facing. We couldn’t have made this film without the talented SAG members who delivered phenomenal performances. Our decision to support the SAG charity, particularly at this time, reflects our profound appreciation for these actors, crew, and others affected.”

“Publish or Perish” will debut on Amazon VOD on August 18th, one day before the Beverly Hills premiere. To kick off the release, the production team will be hosting an X (Twitter) watch party on the evening of August 18th, encouraging fans to join in the debut and engage with the cast and crew in real time. The film has earned 19 film festival wins, 33 nominations, and counting.

The commitment to solidarity goes far beyond the premiere. To further support the actors, Alation will be hosting a series of live and online auctions of memorabilia and merchandise from “Publish or Perish”. Proceeds from the auctions will be divided, with a significant portion being donated to the SAG charity that supports actors who are currently unable to work.

As Miller further added, “We were always committed to supporting a charity as part of our film’s release. The current situation made it clear that there was no better choice than the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Through these auctions and our support, we hope to provide some relief for the actors who’ve been affected by this strike and who’ve been such an integral part of our film.”

Steven Gonzalez, an investment professional and partner with Alation Media’s parent company, Parsonex, is sponsoring the premiere.  As a retired Los Angeles deputy sheriff, Gonzalez has built an incredible business that focuses on helping law enforcement and other government employees plan for and invest during retirement.

“Publish or Perish” has garnered international attention and recognition, winning numerous awards including Best Picture and Best Comedy at various film festivals around the world. With its unique blend of dark humor and sharp wit, the film is set to be a standout addition to the independent film landscape.

Join us in supporting the SAG charity and the world of independent cinema and be a part of the remarkable journey of “Publish or Perish.” Follow us on our social media channels for real-time updates and join us at the Twitter watch party to experience the film with audiences across the country.

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About Alation Media: Alation Media is a subsidiary of Parsonex Enterprises and is poised to develop, produce, and distribute innovative independent films. With an ethos centered around supporting and highlighting talent in the film industry, Alation Media is paving the way for independent filmmaking.

About Parsonex: Parsonex, an investment firm with a network of financial professionals and diversified holdings across the U.S., has been named to the Financial Times list of fastest growing companies in the Americas the last three years. The firm specializes in wealth management, retirement planning, capital formation, and asset management.  With a focus on innovation and growth, Parsonex is a leader in the development of projects that cater to a global audience.

Use the link below to donate and help support the SAG Foundation Emergency Assistance Fund. Please dedicate any donations in honor of our film Publish or Perish.


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