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Levy Konigsberg Partner Jerome Block Discusses J&J Talc Powder Claims on CNN’s The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper

Jerome “Jerry” Block, Partner at the law firm of Levy Konigsberg, was recently featured in a special CNN investigation into J&J baby powder cancer claims.

NEW YORK, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Levy Konigsberg Partner Jerome Block was recently featured in a CNN investigation that premiered on Sunday, May 7th on The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper.

The special – “Shaken: Baby Powder on Trial” – focuses on the legal battle between J&J, one of the world’s largest health care companies, and plaintiffs whose cancers were caused by asbestos in J&J’s talc-based baby powder products.  The FDA confirmed the presence of asbestos in Johnson’s Baby Powder in October 2019 and less than a year later J&J pulled its talc-based baby powder from the U.S. and Canadian markets. The CNN documentary profiles: three women who have stepped forward with filed lawsuits against J&J; the company’s continuing denial of the asbestos in talc problem; and some of the advocates who are fighting to help victims obtain justice – including Levy Konigsberg’s Jerry Block, who represents all three of the women profiled in the episode.

In addition to profiling the personal struggles these women have faced following their cancer diagnoses, the documentary also chronicles their struggle to secure justice against a powerful corporation by shedding light on the improper tactics J&J has employed to shield itself from liability.

This includes strategically merging its consumer products business into a newly created entity in Texas, splitting that entity into two, saddling one of the new entities with the company’s talc liabilities, and immediately putting that company into bankruptcy in a maneuver known as the “Texas Two-Step,” which has been strongly criticized as an abuse of bankruptcy law.

As Block notes during the documentary:

“After filing for bankruptcy, the first thing that was done by this new company was to go to the bankruptcy court and say, ‘you need to stop all the cases against Johnson & Johnson.’ This prevents all of the existing cases from going forward. It also prevents any new cases from being filed against the company.”

Block is featured throughout the CNN documentary discussing key aspects of the litigation, including evidence relating to asbestos in talc supporting his clients’ claims, as well as Levy Konigsberg’s work fighting for a dismissal of J&J’s bankruptcy case (which was rejected by a federal appeals court in January 2023). At the end of the CNN episode, it is revealed that J&J’s subsidiary re-filed its bankruptcy immediately after the first bankruptcy was dismissed, and J&J is now seeking to settle all present and future talc claims for 8.9 billion dollars through the bankruptcy court.  Levy Konigsberg, on behalf of its clients, is continuing to oppose J&J’s improper use of the bankruptcy system that would deny cancer victims their right to a trial by jury.

“Shaken: Baby Powder on Trial,” featuring Partner Jerry Block will air again on Friday, May 12 at 9pm EST on CNN. The episode is also available to stream on CNN OTT and online at, mobile apps, and CNNgo. You can listen to an audio showcast of the episode here.

Jerry Block is a Partner at Levy Konigsberg. A nationally recognized civil trial attorney, he has helped his firm recover more than $3 billion in compensation for victims in high-profile cases involving asbestos-related diseases including mesothelioma, as well as in other toxic exposure, and complex civil claims involving public health. He is one of the nation’s only attorneys to have won multiple jury verdicts against both the asbestos and tobacco industries. For more information, visit

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