Documentary About Cryptocurrency, the Controversial HEX Token and its Founder Richard Heart to Screen at Select Regal Theatres Nationwide 

NEW YORK, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Muse Storytelling announced today their new documentary project around the controversial HEX token and its founder Richard Heart, THE HIGHEST OF STAKES, will premiere nationwide on Friday, August 4. The film will be screened in select Regal theatres in 28 markets including Regal South Beach (Miami), Regal LA Live (Los Angeles) and Regal Union Square (New York). The highly anticipated official trailer has also been released and can be viewed here:

THE HIGHEST OF STAKES follows the journey of Richard Heart, the top hat wearing, no-bullshit-talking, Louis Vuitton-collecting creator of HEX coin, which grew 10,000x in value and its subsequent plummet during the financial market crash of 2022. Throughout that time, Heart raised a staggering $1 billion from the devoted HEX community in “sacrifices” to develop his latest product.

THE HIGHEST OF STAKES delves deep into the intricate world of cryptocurrency, scams, and crypto‘s potential impact on the future of finance through several different lenses. It portrays an enthralling narrative through the diverse experiences of its characters – from Richard Heart to a veteran crypto investor weathering tumultuous financial shift, to a zealous HEX community member, and a rookie testing the waters by investing his family’s life savings into HEX. Complementing these perspectives are expert insights from a distinguished cryptocurrency professor and a certified fraud investigator.

Directed by Patrick Moreau (The Britto Doc, The New Hustle, #standwithme) and Grant Peelle (#standwithme, I’m Fine, Thanks), THE HIGHEST OF STAKES provides an insightful lens into the early stages of cryptocurrency. Filming commenced in August 2021 and concluded in June 2023, encapsulating a period marked by industry turmoil, soaring financial successes, devastating losses, and the inherent risk of scams. The film provides a snapshot of the volatile evolution of digital finance where it is said, “If you get this right, you never have to work another day in your life, but if you get it wrong you lose everything.”

“This is the Tiger King of crypto – a larger than life, can’t look away type character who brings an entertaining edge to an important discussion around the cryptocurrency space,” said director Patrick Moreau. “Crypto and blockchain will take up a large space in the future of humanity, yet so few people understand the space, something that we hope this film will help to shift. To that end, we’re excited to create the rare opportunity to have this documentary premiere in select Regal theatres nationwide.”

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Muse Storytelling is an Emmyâ-award winning collective of storytellers who believe that one must guide the heart to move the mind – and it’s through emotionally moving narratives that they look to drive action and change. The Muse team believes that when they share the real experience of another person in just the right way, they’re able to transport the audience into their shoes, into their world, and in so doing, shift their perspective. Muse Storytelling has developed a scientifically driven storytelling process that has been used to teach filmmakers in over 100 countries from across the globe to tell powerful stories. This process has previously been presented to organizations such as the United Nations, YouTube, and storytellers at SXSW. They are currently in production for their newest documentary, THE BRITTO DOC, a biopic on renowned artist Romero Britto.

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