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2024 vivo VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards Now Launched

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On November 13, 2023, vivo officially announced the start of the 2024 vivo VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards (hereinafter referred to as “the Awards”), with submissions being accepted from now on. This year’s Awards is co-organized by vivo and its global imaging partner ZEISS and the Awards has added a new “Macro” category. In addition to the well-established “ZEISS Professional Imaging Award” and “X Series Best Photograph Award,” new awards like the “S/V Series Best Photograph Award” and “Youth Photographer Award” have been introduced to further celebrate excellence in photography. The Awards encourages mobile imaging creators around the world to enjoy the fun of creative expression through the concept of “Take One More” and experience the joy of humanity.

Encouraging abundant expression with the concept of Take One More

Today, mobile imaging has emerged as an essential form of recording and expression in our lives, further igniting enthusiasm for mobile imaging creation and enabling people to delve deeper into expressing their emotions, attitudes, and aesthetics through convenient image creation. To continuously respond to this abundant creative passion and inspire new ideas, the 2024 vivo VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards is once again underway. The Awards encourages participants to “Take One More” shot of the vibrant moments of everyday life, capturing the dynamic flow of life’s energy in every moment, and expanding the possibilities of image creation.

The Awards continues to feature a professional jury lineup that combines authority and diversity: Bertram Hoenlinger, ZEISS Expert of Photography, Francesco Gola, ZEISS Ambassador Mobile Imaging, Xiao Quan, Portrait Photographer, and Yu Meng, Vice President of Imaging at vivo. Together, they will discover emotionally captivating works and explore the multidimensional expressiveness of mobile imaging.

In addition to the upgraded judging lineup, the Awards has also updated its competition categories, setting up six submission units: “Portrait”, “Photo Series”, “Landscape”, “Night”, “Motion”, and “Macro”. These allow creators to unleash their inspiration and express themselves without being limited by time or space. Among them, the newly added “Macro” category invites participants to explore the beautiful moments often overlooked in the vast world from a more delicate perspective.

This year’s Awards has a total of 24 awards across different categories. The awards, including the “X Series Best Photograph Award” and “S/V Series Best Photograph Award,” encourage vivo users worldwide to explore and appreciate the unique imaging capabilities offered by various vivo smartphone series. In addition, the newly created “Youth Photographer Award” is dedicated to provide a stage for yong people aged 18-24, expecting them to infuse new vitality into image creation as a new generation born alongside smartphones.

Crafting the Cultural Tapestry of Mobile Imaging with Four Years of Endeavor

The advancement of mobile imaging technology and the trend towards the popularization of image creation continuously propel vivo’s exploration of imaging culture, as well as its efforts to provide users with a wider and more professional platform for creative expression.

In 2020, vivo initiated the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards for the first time, inviting global users to capture moments, share emotions, and express themselves with their smartphones. Over the past four years, the scale and influence of the Awards have grown annually. To date, it has drawn creators from over 40 countries and regions worldwide, showcasing nearly a million works that blend rich emotions and visual aesthetics. Each piece embodies the creator’s emotionally captivating expression at a particular moment, jointly outlining a cultural landscape that reflects social characteristics and the spirit of the times.

As a leader in the mobile imaging field, vivo actively organizes a series of cultural imaging events, collaborating with professional imaging institutions to convey the charm of image creation to a broader audience. In 2021, vivo partnered with JIMEI x ARLES International Photo Festival to present a themed exhibition, making smartphone photography exhibitions visible on the international stage for the first time. This December, both parties will join hands again to present the “vivo VISION+ Exhibition,” showcasing works from artists like Alex Webb and Francesco Gola, alongside exceptional selections from the 212,265 entries submitted to the 2023 vivo VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards. This event brings together mobile imaging works around the world and connects them with audiences, awakening more people’s awareness and creative passion for “Take One More” shot of precious moment.

Developing Human-Centric Professional Imaging for an Unrestricted Mobile Image Creation

As a smartphone brand with a ten-year history deeply rooted in the imaging field, vivo has consistently focused on user-oriented innovation. Relying on dual strategies of independent and collaborative innovation, vivo aims to provide users with top-notch mobile imaging capabilities and delightful, convenient user experiences, enabling mobile image creation to transcend device and operational limitations. Moreover, vivo actively pushes the boundaries of cutting-edge innovation by collaborating with like-minded individuals across various fields, challenging the limits of imagination in mobile imaging creation.

In 2020, vivo announced a global imaging partnership with ZEISS. The two parties have been investigating mobile imaging’s fundamental theories and state-of-the-art technologies, with their research accomplishments successively integrated into 20 products featuring the vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System. This collaboration has enabled nearly 15 million users worldwide to savor the delightful essence of mobile image creation through an enhanced, intuitive, and seamless experience.

In the future, vivo will continue to focus on user-oriented technological innovation, explore the infinite possibilities of mobile imaging creation, and enable more people to enjoy the fun of self-expression and creation through smartphones. Along with the enthusiasm and imagination, they will jointly develop a modern mobile imaging landscape with rich in cultural significance and value.

The official registration for the 2024 vivo VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards is now open, and the submission deadline is May 31, 2024. For more information about the 2024 vivo VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards, please visit: visionplus.vivo.com.

About vivo

vivo is a technology company that creates great products based on a design-driven value, with smart devices and intelligent services as its core. The company aims to build a bridge between humans and the digital world. Through unique creativity, vivo provides users with an increasingly convenient mobile and digital life. Following the company’s core values, which include Benfen*, user-orientation, design-driven value, continuous learning and team spirit, vivo has implemented a sustainable development strategy with the vision of developing into a healthier, more sustainable world-class corporation.

While bringing together and developing the best local talents to deliver excellence, vivo is supported by a network of R&D centers in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xi’an and more cities, focusing on the development of state-of-the-art consumer technologies, including 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial design, imaging system and other up-and-coming technologies. vivo has also set up an intelligent manufacturing network (including those authorized by vivo), with an annual production capacity of nearly 200 million smartphones. As of now, vivo has branched out its sales network across more than 60 countries and regions, and is loved by more than 500 million users worldwide.

*”Benfen” is a term describing the attitude on doing the right things and doing things right – which is the ideal description of vivo’s mission to create value for society.

Stay informed of latest vivo news at https://www.vivo.com/en/about-vivo/news


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