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Mango TV Launches “Ride the Wind 2023” to Present the World the Great Beauty of China USA – English India – English

Mango TV Launches “Ride the Wind 2023” to Present the World the Great Beauty of China

USA – English

India – English

CHANGSHA, China, May 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The show “Ride the Wind 2023” will be broadcast on Mango TV every Friday at 12:00 from May 5th. A total of 33 powerful women from China and many other countries of the world will appear on the show, presenting the clash of different cultures on a platform for the integration of international cultures, inspiring the cultural self-confidence of every Chinese and offering viewers a lively and inclusive stage for the inspiring growth of women.

Symbolizing the openness and tolerance of China in the new era, the slogan of the show “Ride the Wind 2023” is “Great Beauty of China; Ride the Wind”. Honored guests of the show get acquainted with the true meaning of friendship through teamwork, the spirit of mutual support and the inspiring spark from the communication and the clash of different cultures. “Ride the Wind 2023” has invited 33 female guests of honor of different professions, styles and age groups from different countries. Among them are for instance the multi-talented stars Qu Ying, Chen Jiahua and Zhu Zhu, the singer Gong Linna, the dancer Xie Xin and the footballer Zhao Lina.

In particular, seven international guests of honor are invited to “Ride the Wind 2023” this year, including the Russian Kelly, the Korean CHU JAHYUN, the Americans Annie and Amber, the Japanese MARiA, the Vietnamese Chi Pu and the German Gina Alice. A platform of shared beauty for global cultural exchanges will be created together with professional singers, actresses and dance artists.

With a world-oriented narrative style, “Ride the Wind 2023” portrays the self-confidence and elegance of Chinese women and presents the beauty of the Chinese image. The show uses the stage as a link to bring together different styles of vocal and dance performances, thus representing the versatility of Chinese cultures. The “Beauty of Instrumental Music” updates the sound quality of the stage by inviting contemporary top instrumentalists, national representative orchestra and trendy ethnic artists to support. The “Beauty of Literature” changes the expression of the content of the stage performance, extracts the female images in classical and modern literary works, and takes up a new form of performance in order to re-deconstruct creation. The “Beauty of Paintings” brings classical Chinese paintings to the stage and broadens the aesthetic perception of dance. The “Beauty of Regions” presents the representative landscapes of the North and South China in a live show without any cut, which outlines the new face of oriental aesthetics in 2023 in an innovative way.

“We want to present on this stage various aspects of the beauty of China to viewers from all countries, so that women all over the world can feel the power of Chinese cultural self-awareness,” this is how the 33 guests of honor of Ride the Wind commented the show. International guests of honor have fallen in love with China and “Ride the Wind 2023” through their first stage experiences, and their deepest feeling is “We become friends out of strangers, and the beauty we feel here lies in the people itself. We come together through the strength of others in order to pass on more feminine beauty.”

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