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mirrorboard Launches AI Stock Image Global Service, ‘Recipe-p’

mirrorboard Launches AI Stock Image Global Service, ‘Recipe-p’

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — mirrorboard corp., an AI startup, announced on the 4th of September that it has successfully launched ‘Recipe-p,’ a stock image service using generative AI technology.

 Recipe-p is a second-generation AI stock image service created to solve the problems of the traditional stock image market, offering a library of over 100,000 AI stock images for free. Furthermore, Recipe-p regularly updates its AI stock images based on user preferences through its in-house developed AI model engine.

 The commercial stock image market is already widely used but poses a significant burden on users due to high costs and license expiration issues. Even with free stock image services, the images are often duplicated and used by millions worldwide, making it challenging to find unique images. Recipe-p has tackled these issues by providing life-like images using generative AI technology. AI stock images generated based on user input are unique, ensuring that users can access distinctive visuals. Currently, Recipe-p offers over 100,000 AI stock images and has gained popularity with over 2,000 sign-ups on its launch day alone.

The service currently focuses on offering portrait photos and plans to expand into various categories such as animals, objects, nature, and landscapes. Additionally, Recipe-p will provide editing features like AI content creation, inpainting, resizing, and upscaling.

Tae-Hyung Yu and Hae-Chan Moon, co-founders of mirrorboard which is a member company of Born2Global Centre, stated, “AI technology is about creating equal opportunities for more people,” and expressed their commitment to enhancing the accessibility and convenience of AI stock image usage through Recipe-p, ultimately transforming the global stock image market.

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