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Rehs Contemporary Acquires Captivating New Works by Italian Artist Stefano Bolcato

Rehs Contemporary Acquires Captivating New Works by Italian Artist Stefano Bolcato

NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rehs Contemporary, a leading gallery dedicated to showcasing innovative and thought-provoking contemporary art, is thrilled to announce two exceptional new artworks by acclaimed Italian artist Stefano Bolcato. Titled “Chop Suey (Tribute to Edward Hopper)” and “New York Office (Tribute to Edward Hopper),” these charming paintings reinterpret iconic compositions using a unique quirk – Lego people.

Bolcato’s artistic prowess shines through his manipulation of Lego figures to reimagine Edward Hopper’s renowned works. “Chop Suey” masterfully captures the essence of Hopper’s original while infusing it with a sense of playfulness. The composition is nostalgic while offering a fresh perspective on Hopper’s classic scene.

Similarly, “New York Office” explores the well-known Hopper painting, portraying a scene that is at once familiar and refreshingly novel. Bolcato’s ingenuity is on full display as he conveys the emotions and atmosphere of the original masterpiece, creating an engaging dialogue between the past and the present.

The presentation of these remarkable works exemplifies Rehs Contemporary’s commitment to exhibiting art that challenges convention and stimulates dialogue. Bolcato’s innovative approach not only pays homage to Edward Hopper’s legacy but also introduces a new layer of narrative and interpretation through the use of Lego figures.

“We are delighted with Stefano Bolcato’s extraordinary new creations,” said Alyssa Rehs, Director of Rehs Contemporary. “His ability to seamlessly merge classic art with contemporary pop-culture underscores the enduring relevance of artistic expression. Bolcato’s Lego reinterpretations inject a delightful and unexpected dimension into these iconic works, inviting viewers to explore familiar scenes from a fresh perspective.”

Stefano Bolcato’s works will be featured at Rehs Contemporary, offering art enthusiasts and collectors a rare opportunity to experience his inventive artistry firsthand.

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About Rehs Contemporary:

Rehs Contemporary is a prominent art gallery dedicated to showcasing thought-provoking and innovative contemporary art. With a focus on fostering artistic dialogue and pushing boundaries, the gallery presents works that challenge convention, spark conversation, and inspire a deeper appreciation for the evolving world of art. Through carefully curated exhibitions and a commitment to supporting emerging and established artists, Rehs Contemporary continues to make its mark on the global art scene.

About Stefano Bolcato:

Stefano Bolcato is an accomplished Italian artist renowned for his unique reimaginings of classic artworks using Lego figures. His innovative approach combines traditional artistic techniques with contemporary influences, resulting in thought-provoking and visually striking compositions. Bolcato’s creations offer a playful and imaginative reinterpretation of well-known masterpieces, inviting viewers to engage with art in an entirely new way.

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