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Taiwan’s Green Craft Exhibition Explores the Relationship Between Sustainability, Community and Humanity in the US

GAITHERSBURG, Md., May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) is proud to announce the exhibition tour in the U.S.A.:  “Homeland: Relationship of Taiwan Green Craft with Earth, Community and Mind.”  The theme of the exhibition revolves around the multilayer meaning of homeland”, explore and reflect the values of Taiwan sustainable craft and its local aesthetics as well as humans’ roles in nature, society and themselves.

The exhibition divided into three sections – Earth, Community and Mind, expresses the artists’ focus on environmental sustainability, post-pandemic community relations, and the physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals. Using crafts as a medium , Taiwanese artists try to explore contemporary issues from many different level and as a platform to showcase the integration of the traditional and innovative aspects of Taiwanese crafts.

Earth” expresses the conflicting yet coexisting presence of nature and progress. Artists showcase their eco-friendly way of creation and how we can better coexist with nature. There is also a contemporary approach to circular sustainability where artist incorporate waste into their creations. They transform agricultural waste (straw), recycled wastes (ceramics, glass, paper), and nature materials into crafts. This aims to draw the audience attention to critical environmental issues such as pollution and waste recycle.

Meanwhile, Community” embodies the connections, engagement and support between individuals and the community. NTCRI has launched the program “One Community, One Craft ” initiative which creates a platform for community engagement and support.

This section showcases community crafts in Taiwan and how craft evolves from an artist’s creation to a medium for social service and shows that craft is more than an object, but a force that brings hope, healing and unites people in the community.

Mind” portrays craft as a medium that connects culture and faith in Taiwanese’s daily life. This section aims to draw out conversations with ourselves through faith and crafts. Taiwanese temples are like ecological art galleries in the daily life, and crafts are a unique form of art that has been shaped by the countrys rich cultural heritage and religious traditions. Temple decorative art- Koji pottery, transformed a well-known tale – “The Eight Immortals crossing the sea” will be shown on the exhibition.

Four artists from Taiwan will join the tour to showcase a wide range of Taiwanese crafts. While artists apply relational aesthetics using contemporary craft to delve into important global societal and environmental issues, the exhibition is also intended to inspire the audience to reflect, resonate and care about our homeland.

Homeland: Relationship of Taiwan Green Craft with Earth, Community and Mind” will start in Washington D.C on May 12 till May 31 in Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office and continue the exhibition to New York.

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SOURCE National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

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