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Tutors International Reports the Reasons UHNW Families Opt for Full-Time Private Tutoring

Tutors International Reports the Reasons UHNW Families Opt for Full-Time Private Tutoring

Why do families turn to full-time private tutoring? It most frequently comes down to one of these four reasons, according to Tutors International.

OXFORD, England, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — More UHNW families are opting for full-time private tutoring to ensure their children receive the best possible education. There are four reasons driving this choice:

  1. To maintain control over the curriculum: With a full-time tutor the curriculum can be customised to suit the family’s individual beliefs, values and goals.
  2. To gain the best educational outcome: Homeschooling allows for a personalised and flexible education tailored to the child’s needs and interests.
  3. To address a lack of support from school: A full-time tutor can provide the individual attention and customised learning plans that may be lacking in traditional school settings.
  4. To fit with a family’s lifestyle: A tutor can adapt to the family’s schedule and travel plans, ensuring consistent education no matter where the family is.

Let’s explore each of these areas, and how a private tutor can support students to achieve their potential:

1. To maintain control over the curriculum

Many UHNW families are concerned about the suitability of the standard curriculum, which often fails to align with their beliefs and values or prepare their children for future roles in leadership, business, and philanthropy.

“The ability to recall facts and figures and repeat them in exams is very out-dated. This Victorian rote learning is still very much the crux of our school system, and doesn’t allow for personalised learning based on individual student’s strengths and learning styles. To promote a deeper understanding of subjects, build confidence, develop essential skills, and inspire a genuine love for learning, private tutoring goes far beyond what the classroom can offer.” – Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of Tutors International

Full-time private tutoring allows families to customize the curriculum to better suit their needs, while aligning with traditional family values and beliefs.

2. To gain the best educational outcome

One-to-one private tutoring delivers the best academic outcomes for students. See Benjamin Bloom’s Sigma-2 model from the 1980s. Since then, and propelled by the global access we now have to recruit the best tutors in the world, UHNW families are increasingly turning to full-time home tutoring to enable their children achieve the very best results they can, setting them up for future success.

Full-time home tutoring is also a viable option to help prepare students for future entrance exams, school integration and when no suitable school placements are available. Home tutoring is a flexible, holistic solution that can be surprisingly cost-effective.

3. To address to a lack of support from school

Even the best schools in the world aren’t one-size-fits-all. Even with small class sizes, dedicated SEN support, zero-tolerance policies to bullying or racism, private or specialist schools can let down some students.

Here’s a testimonial from a Tutors International student:

“Despite my initial skepticism about recruiting a full-time tutor, the benefits of working with [the tutor] for the last four years have been tremendous. Apart from his outstanding academic support, which has improved my performance at school, he has also has become my mentor, someone I trust and seek advice from, and my friend.”
–  High School Student, California 

Parents pay huge fees to private schools in the belief that they are securing the very best education for their child. But some independent schools lack openness and candour in disclosing problems at an early stage, fearful that pupils’ parents may take their child, and their money, elsewhere.

A tutor allows a child to express themselves individually and learn according to their own needs and interests. This is invaluable for confidence building and instilling crucial study habits and skills. We’ve seen children who were previously disinterested in academia rediscover a love of learning through one-to-one attention provided by our tutors.

4. To fit with a family’s lifestyle

Private tutoring caters precisely to the uniquely privileged lifestyles of UHNW or celebrity families, supporting their children’s diverse and mobile lifestyles. Focusing on a strength-based method of education personalizes the learning experience according to the child’s individual interests and talents, while leveraging the ‘world classroom’ to explore places, people, the natural world, culture and languages.

Client comment: “We are thrilled with [the tutors]. They arrived at the boat fully packed and prepped, with three different year levels organized. Amazing the diversity of stuff they brought – ready to cover all bases. They are very bright and great with the girls… and good company for us.”
–  Mrs R, Yacht Charter

About Tutors International

Tutors International provides an unparalleled private tutoring service that matches the right private home tutor with the right child for the student to reach their personal potential and academic excellence fully. Delivering an international private tuition service for children of all ages at different points in their educational journeys, Tutors International is founded on a commitment to finding the perfect tutor to realise each student’s specific goals and aspirations. Tutors are available for full-time residential positions, after-school assistance, and home-schooling.

Founded in 1999 by Adam Caller, Tutors International is a private company based in Oxford, a city renowned for academic excellence. Our select clientele receives a personally tailored service, with discretion and confidentiality guaranteed.

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