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Hip-hop Turns 50 In 2023 And SFWRUNWAY Is Celebrating With A Fashion Show That Displays Hip-Hop’s Influence On Fashion

SFW RUNWAY Founder, Naomi Alabi announces the next NYFW show based on the most controversial music genre

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Influencing media, fashion, art, and linguistics, culture curators are dedicating 2023 as the year of honoring HipHop. SFW RUNWAY is leading the fashion industry by curating a show aimed at display’s HipHop’s influence on fashion throughout the years. As HipHop turns 50 in 2023, SFWRUNWAY streetwear fashion designers are honoring the vehicle that influenced streetwear, fashion as a whole, and people across the globe.

Coming off the success of fall fashion week in September,  SFW RUNWAY’s founder, Naomi Alabi is announcing February’s fashion show theme dedicated to HipHop. Their planned dates include a New York show on February 11th and a Los Angeles show on March 25th. Designers interested in participating will be tasked to envision streetwear designs that express the way that the music genre has contributed to fashion’s evolution over the years.

SFWRUNWAY understands that HipHop is more than chains, durags, jeans, and more jewelry. The fashion incubator style company will be challenging designers to take inspiration from the half-century-old culture innovator. The goal for celebrating the 50th anniversary of HipHop according to the company is to use it as an opportunity to bring attention back to the streetwear industry. SFWRUNWAY champions streetwear by inviting a limited number of designers to showcase their work this February. 

Founder, Naomi Alabi states, “We are excited to see how these emerging designers offer a fresh spin on HipHop’s influence into their designs.” For years, SFWRUNWAY has been the only platform offering a voice to emerging designers that innovate and create the very trends that the larger fashion industry monetizes.

The streetwear fashion industry is estimated at $60B per year in the US alone according to Business of Fashion editors. The industry which has no clear pinpoint of the individual that started it does credit designers such as Dapper Dan and James Jebbia as pioneers.

Tickets are currently available for a limited time on Eventbrite for those that would like to attend as a VIP or general audience. Fashion buyers that would like an invitation to the show can contact SFWRUNWAY directly via phone.

About SFWRunway 
SFW RUNWAY is a platform created to offer emerging designers a voice during New York and LA Fashion Week. The platform is self-funded and run by Naomi Alabi(Founder) who is looking to collaborate with platforms whose mission aligns with hers. Images Available here

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