New branded shop advances H&M’s commitment to increasing circular business models

NEW YORK, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — H&M U.S is helping garments gain a second life with its very first resale business model in the U.S. on March 14th, 2023, through thredUP’s Resale-as-a-Service (RaaS). “H&M Pre-Loved” offers customers an easy way to find the perfect secondhand pieces for their wardrobe, ready to be loved again and again. The new shop also continues the retailer’s sustainability mission of establishing circular business models for itself and customers.

“With our new “H&M Pre-Loved” resale shop powered by thredUP’s Resale-as-a-Service, we’re ensuring customers can find the largest amount of stylish, preloved H&M pieces ever to give them a second life,” says Abigail Kammerzell, Head of Sustainability, H&M North America.  “We need to take responsibility for the impact fashion has on climate and the environment. Circular business models can help us reduce and limit this negative impact, while continuing to deliver fashion and style for our customers. With the launch of our first resale model in the U.S. market, we’re taking the next big step in that direction.”

Customers can access the “H&M Pre-Loved” shop at hm.thredup.com starting March 14, 2023. Garments are organized into several smaller sub shops of familiar H&M concepts including “&Denim”, “Sport”, “Ladies”, “Divided” and “Kids”.  Probably most exciting to fans of the brand will be the “Collabs” sub shop, featuring pieces from the retailer’s many celebrated collaborations and guest designer lines from years past.   

“We’re thrilled that H&M has chosen to partner with thredUP to debut their first resale program in the U.S., building on their global momentum investing in new circular business models,” said James Reinhart, CEO and Co-Founder of thredUP. “As one of the largest retailers in the world, H&M’s impact potential is tremendous, and we are pleased that thredUP’s Resale-as-a-Service is powering a scalable resale program to reach H&M’s customers in a new and sustainable way.”

H&M believes new ways of doing business need to be developed and implemented to make sure products are used more and for longer. Traditionally, fashion has followed a linear business model – take, make, discard. Circular business models, such as “H&M Pre-Loved” powered by thredUP’s Resale-as-a-Service, the brand’s garment collecting program enacted in 2013, as well as H&M Take Care, a digital hub at hm.com where customers can get tips

and tricks on how to pro-long and take care of their fashion, break this chain to keep garments in use longer and to make sure those valuable resources are being maximized.

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