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In the Spirit of Mountains: ARC’TERYX and Songtsam Jointly Launch Collaboration Collection

In the Spirit of Mountains: ARC’TERYX and Songtsam Jointly Launch Collaboration Collection

ARC’TERYX and Songtsam present the Kawagarbo Series in a five-year strategic partnership to provide the ultimate consumer experience for adventure seekers

NEW YORK, March 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ARC’TERYX, the global design company specializing in technical high-performance apparel and equipment, and Songtsam, the luxury boutique hotel group, jointly held a media sharing session at ARC’TERYX Broadway to unveil the highly anticipated co-branded collection. Born out of a five-year strategic partnership between ARC’TERYX and Songtsam, the collection inherits the shared alpine DNA of the two brands and their vision of delivering the ultimate outdoor exploration experience to consumers. Inspired by the first and highest peak in the Meili Snow Mountain Range, Kawagarbo, the collection’s launch highlights the practical initiatives of the two premium brands to advocate for the harmonious co-existence between humans and nature. The session featured Guy Fattal, a well-known outdoor photographer and Florence, the Director of International Sales & Marketing of Songtsam, who shared their insights on the ongoing symbiosis of humans and nature.

“Unexpected situations always occur in every photography project, no matter how much planning and pre-judgment of the route and climate. Through severe cold, strong wind and snowstorm, along steep slopes, cliffs, glaciers and other difficult terrains, ARC’TERYX has always been my most determined alliance”, said Guy Fattal, “The co-branding between Songtsam and ARC’TERYX is inspired by the Chinese mountain culture, which is truly unique and monumental for those of us who love mountain climbing.”

A highlight of the New York media sharing session was the focused presentation of the co-branded Kawagarbo Series. The participants from global media outlets experienced the full range of product of the co-branded collection at ARC’TERYX Broadway in New York while learned the brands’ concern over the harmony of man and nature and listened to Guy Fattal and Florence’s speech about their own interpretation of the Kawagarbo Series, as well as the stories and prospects behind the two brands’ hand in hand. Florence highlighted, “We are excited to inspire and encourage our industry partners to live in harmony with mountains, nature through this global media sharing session of the ARC’TERYX x Songtsam collection.”

Inspired by the Kawagarbo Peak, the first of the thirteen peaks in the Meili Snow Mountain Range, the co-branded Kawagarbo Series of ARC’TERYX and Songtsam features the rich colors of Oracle Yellow, Daze Yellow, Bordeaux Red, and Kingfisher Blue that reflect the local culture. These hues are beautifully presented on well-known products of ARC’TERYX, including the Beta AR Jacket Men’s, Gamma MX Hoody Men’s, Aerios 15 Backpack. In addition, the inner left pocket of the Beta AR Jacket Men’s is embossed with the collection’s exclusive logo that depicts the thirteen peaks of the Meili Snow Mountain, adding unique meaning and imagery to the product. With an in-depth analysis of the cultural imagery that people under the mountain have accumulated over the years, ARC’TERYX builds on its alpine DNA and inherits the brand’s outstanding performance, providing consumers with a unique, ultimate outdoor wearing experience. ARC’TERYX has always adhered to its four core values: EVOLVE, COMMIT, LIVE IT, and DO RIGHT, and continues to provide consumers with enduring quality, ingenious design, and craftsmanship to ensure that they are safe when wearing the products while challenging the infinite possibilities of the outdoors.

Concern for nature is a relevant concern for all humanity. As a representative of global leading outdoor brands, ARC’TERYX always thinks about how to impact global sustainability positively. The co-branded Kawagarbo Series combines the outdoor alpine story with the local hotel brand, demonstrating their shared value system and mental pursuit. Since 2021, the official announcement of ARC’TERYX ReBIRD™ project, ARC’TERYX and Songtsam reached a consensus, committed to donate part of revenue to support the operation of a mountain clean-up team initiated by residents. With more people than ever enjoying magnificent views and exploring dangerous peaks, the garbage they leave behind has also increased. The local mountain clean-up team insists on removing this litter from the mountain by utilizing human and mule efforts for the most negligible environmental impact.  ARC’TERYX will initiate ‘ARC’TERYX mountain clean-up team’ and to donate 15 mules to the local mountain clean-up team to support the local residents’ action, embodying one of the brand’s four core values – DO RIGHT. This commitment to harmony between human and natural, and sustainable development can only reach its peak through practical actions that improve the local environment. Since 2021, the ancient mountains and rivers have witnessed the sustainable development and practices of ARC’TERYX around ReBIRD™. Since signing the five-year strategic partnership with Songtsam, ARC’TERYX has continued to explore and practice the core spirit of ReBIRD™ while adhering to its original mission and commitment.

People are drawn to experiencing the vastness and the magnificence of nature. ARC’TERYX respects and reveres nature through the ReBIRD™ sustainability program. The launch of the co-branded collection with Songtsam in New York and the promised donation and support to the local mountain clean-up team is a testament to the shared concern of the benevolent consumers for the sustainability of people and nature. Human beings and nature have long been a community of destiny. ARC’TERYX will continue working with brands that share the same values to connect various communities, explore the ultimate beauty of nature and authenticity, and deliver limitless possibilities.


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