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BANGKOK, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On March 25th, NETA Auto unveiled its five-seater spacious smart pure electric SUV, the NETA V-II, at the bustling Bangkok International Auto Show in Thailand. This model, with its trendy design and exceptional performance, has emerged as a rising star in Thailand’s new energy vehicle sector.

Prior to this, NETA V, a division of NETA, had won multiple accolades and consistently ranked in the top three for sales in Thailand’s pure electric vehicle market. Now, with an even more extensive range of international products, NETA will fulfill the need of worldwide consumers for intelligent travel.

NETA V-II, known as NETA AYA in the Chinese market, integrates the dual elements of “intelligence” and “entertainment” deeply into its design concept. This innovative concept makes it perfectly suited to the lifestyle of Generation Z, who value both intelligent technology and entertainment experiences.

Apart from offering an extensive color selection, NETA V-II is outfitted with an extensive array of features, including advanced entertainment and intelligent driving assistance systems. These features demonstrate NETA’s profound understanding of and exact fulfillment of worldwide consumer requirements. Customers and the market have given it great recognition since its launch in China.

Thai consumers have long been fond of NETA’s product lines, which are known for combining sportiness, fashion, and technology. For the second consecutive year, NETA V was crowned the “Best EV Subcompact Hatchback Award” in the Thai market on March 14. NETA had remarkable success in the Thai electric car sector in 2023, securing a 17% market share.

To better serve its customers, NETA has made significant advancements in digital development in addition to its robust product selection. Recently, NETA’s first international app serving users was introduced in Thailand. It is now formally available on various app markets and uses technology to improve user-service interactions.

In addition to being based in Thailand and dedicated to long-term growth, NETA also has an international outlook, serving a wide range of markets by supplying premium smart electric vehicle products to regions including the Middle East, Europe, South America, and Africa.

With aspirations to reach a target of 100,000 units sold internationally in 2024, NETA users have amassed 400,000 global users thus far. Apart from the newly initiated mass production of intelligent ecological factories in Thailand, NETA is also advocating for the establishment of indigenous manufacturers in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Starting in Thailand and working its way throughout Southeast Asia, NETA is expanding its global strategy. In the automotive sector, NETA Auto hopes to establish multi-level, all-encompassing strategic collaboration internationally. In the future, NETA will continue to support the establishment of overseas production systems, continually consolidating and enhancing the brand’s global influence.

About NETA Auto

NETA Auto, a brand of Hozon New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (Hozon), is a leading innovator in the smart electric vehicle industry. With a focus on “Tech for all” and “Make intelligent EVs for all,” NETA Auto develops high-quality electric vehicles and cutting-edge technologies. Its lineup includes popular models like NETA GT, NETA S, NETA X, NETA AYA (NETA V-II), and NETA V. NETA Auto is dedicated to the mass consumer market, introducing new models each year and covering the mainstream A0-B segments. The brand has also developed the “Shanhai Platform,” an intelligent and safe car platform, and the HOZI Technology brand, meeting user demands and promoting accessibility to advanced technology.

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