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xtype deepens its support of native ServiceNow features and is proud to be a Build Platform Partner of ServiceNow

Continuing xtype’s mission of empowering ServiceNow teams to meet any level of demand from the business, the update will give developers the ability to drive improved business outcomes using native ServiceNow tools on xtype.

COVINA, Calif., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — xtype, the agile software delivery company, has today announced their integration of native ServiceNow functionalities to its platform, deepening xtype’s support of ServiceNow developers worldwide. xtype’s expansion will include Global-Scoped Applications (also known as Global Application bundles) in releases, batched update sets, notifications sent to collaboration tools like MS Teams and Slack, and a ServiceNow-native reporting dashboard. Including global applications in xtype Release Packages facilitates quick, compliant, and easy production releases.

These enhancements are a testament to the continued support xtype offers to ServiceNow’s customers. The added-value offering comes simultaneously as the company announces a key milestone in becoming a Build Platform Partner with ServiceNow today. The achievement was made possible due to xtype’s high customer ratings and a commitment to ServiceNow’s standards and expectations in delivering excellent products to its customers.

Given the prevalent practice of batching update sets, xtype supports this powerful ServiceNow functionality within the new release, allowing customers to include batched update sets in release packages. Extending ServiceNow with Release Packages xtype ensures that update sets, batched update sets, scoped applications, scripts, and XML can be deployed to production in a completely automated fashion. xtype also provides a hierarchical tree view of the update sets within a batch, ensuring that the entire batch is processed efficiently and accurately.

Understanding the importance and power of native reporting in ServiceNow, xtype makes it easier to build native reports by providing a bespoke API that gives customers the tools needed to export xtype release and deployment metrics into a ServiceNow table. Including these key delivery metrics in native ServiceNow reports or dashboards enables both xtype users and non-xtype users to share visibility and better collaborate, resulting in a streamlined delivery pipeline. Continuing the theme of collaboration and visibility, xtype is also offering additional notification support through Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Ron Gidron, co-founder and CEO of xtype said: “xtype is on a mission to help customers successfully make ServiceNow ubiquitous. Our products transform how customers deliver innovation using ServiceNow, allowing them to speed up processes, reduce errors, and scale at any pace. I’m thrilled to share our latest advancements; in this release, we incorporated support for Global Scope Applications into our Release Packages mechanism, empowering ServiceNow teams to operate at a speed and scale that was previously unimaginable.

Critically, we’re enhancing transparency and strategic decision-making by enabling the extraction of release metrics into ServiceNow-native reporting dashboards and integrating notifications into the most popular messaging platforms our customers use, MSTeams and Slack. These developments are not just about technology but about empowering people and organizations to achieve their highest potential.”

The development of these features exemplifies xtype’s commitment to continuously evolve in line with the needs of the ServiceNow ecosystem and will be available from 23rd of January. xtype will also be attending the ServiceNow SKO in Las Vegas, Nevada to share their latest update, driving momentum for ServiceNow teams.

About xtype
Founded in 2020, xtype is a venture-backed startup reimagining the agile software delivery approach on the ServiceNow platform. The company offers an off-the-shelf option for customers to meet any level of demand on the ServiceNow platform and drive improved business outcomes at scale. xtype achieves this through its ServiceNow-native applications, enabling enterprises to expedite ServiceNow delivery and get more out of their ServiceNow investment – faster. To date, xtype has worked with organizations such as Zurich Insurance and Heineken, as well as large international banks and technology companies globally.


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