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Cedar Grove Chiropractic Center Announces Revolutionary Approach to Wellness

Utilizing corrective chiropractic care, in conjunction with spinal decompression, massage therapy, and SoftWave therapy, The Chiropractic Source in Cedar Grove, NJ, is changing healthcare for their patients.

Cedar Grove's The Chiropractic Source, headed by Dr. Marco Ferrucci and Dr. Tim Lyons, is excited to announce its comprehensive approach to chiropractic care, focusing on advanced corrective chiropractic techniques to promote whole body wellness. Voted "Best Chiropractor" in Cedar Grove, New Jersey seven times, the clinic aims to redefine the boundaries of chiropractic treatment, offering a wide range of services aimed at correcting spinal alignments, improving posture, treating musculoskeletal injuries, and enhancing overall health.

"We're not just another chiropractic clinic; we're a wellness center committed to the health and well-being of the Cedar Grove community," says Dr. Marco Ferrucci, the clinic's co-founder. "We specialize in advanced corrective techniques that allow us to address the root cause of back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, and fatigue rather than just treating those symptoms individually."

Dr. Tim Lyons, the clinic's other co-founder adds, "What truly distinguishes us from other chiropractic clinics is our 'WHOLE-istic' approach to wellness." He explains that "by looking into each patient's whole health history, health habits, and the symptoms they're experiencing, we are able to understand the big picture and come up with a custom-designed treatment plan that not only gets the patient out of pain but puts them on the road to better health."

The Chiropractic Source is offering a limited-time online special. Cedar Grove residents can get a full chiropractic exam and evaluation, digital x-rays, digital posture analysis, and report of findings for only $69. Simply visit their website at www.thechiropracticsource.com

Dr. Marco Ferrucci's expertise in spinal health, posture, neurological development, fitness and nutrition - combined with Dr. Tim Lyons' passion and experience with hands-on chiropractic and rehabilitative techniques - creates an amazing team that is focused on the patients' best interest. Both doctors are proud to call their office "THE Source for Optimal Health and Wellness" because they have seen first-hand the number of patients who come in for pain relief but walk out with their health restored.

Contact Information:
Marco Ferrucci
Doctor of Chiropractic
[email protected]

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