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MyGiving Partners With WILD.org to Amplify Fundraising to Unlock the Infinite Potential of Wilderness

MyGiving empowers nonprofits to leverage NFTs and digital assets to engage and steward donors in innovative ways using Algorand, a carbon-negative blockchain


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BOSTON - November 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Boston-based startup MyGiving partners with WILD.org to leverage digital assets to enhance fundraising results.

"We are excited to partner with MyGiving to send donors digital assets to thank them for supporting our work. The seamless and frictionless solution MyGiving offers and the fact their tool is built on the carbon-negative blockchain, Algorand, makes this collaboration even better. WILD is proud to be at the forefront of this unique and cutting-edge approach to donor stewardship," said Amy Lewis, WILD's Vice President, Policy and Communications.

"Launching this project with WILD.org is not only an exciting partnership but also proof of concept for MyGiving. We are thrilled to bring stewardship and donor relations to the blockchain while at the same time limiting the environmental impact of traditional mailing-based stewardship strategies," said Stephen Rodriguez, co-founder of MyGiving.

"We chose Algorand as the foundational blockchain for MyGiving because of its scalability, massive adoption, security, and reputation as a blockchain built for the future. We are excited about this partnership because it demonstrates the power of our platform - removing hurdles for a nonprofit to embrace digital assets and NFTs as a way to engage donors," said Karthik Shanmugam, co-founder of MyGiving.

About WILD.org and the Infinite Wild campaign:

WILD is an organization working worldwide to mobilize action to protect Half of Earth's lands and seas - the amount scientists say we need to have a future. WILD does this by working in full partnership with Indigenous Peoples, scientists, business owners, activists, and any other human that sees the value of protecting our common home. All programs at WILD support the mission of Nature Needs Half.

Infinite Wild is an NFT project designed to invite collectors into the world of our biodiversity. The top 54 donors between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022, will receive a unique, carbon-neutral NFT. Most cards represent one of four types of ecological services. Some cards feature people (especially WILD's staff) representing services we can give back to nature. All donors will receive ownership of a Community Card NFT featuring the card back design.

About MyGiving :

MyGiving gamifies philanthropy by empowering nonprofits to create and send NFTs and digital assets while providing a way for donors to virtually share and celebrate the organizations they support. Built on Algorand, a carbon-negative blockchain, MyGiving offers a white-label solution for nonprofits to create, mint, and transfer NFTs and digital assets to donors to bring donor relations and stewardship into today's digital world. 

Visit MyGiving.io and wild.org/unlock-wilderness to learn more.

Contact Information:
Karthik Shanmugam
[email protected]

Stephen Rodriguez
[email protected]
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