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To Boldly Go Where No Egg Has Gone Before — Chino Valley’s Offbeat Ads Are Changing the Way People Think About Eggs

Chicken Scratch

Chicken Scratch from Chino Valley Ranchers

COLTON, Calif. - December 15, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

From the boxing ring to the outer reaches of the cosmos, Chino Valley Ranchers (CVR) has taken its eggs and its customers on a wild ride over the past year, going viral in a series of wildly successfully digital ads that have captured the attention of millions. 

CEO Chris Nichols explains why the company is prioritizing entertaining content. "I believe all people have a desire to be creative in one form or another. For me, taking a break from the normal duties of running the farm in order to think outside the box and express some creativity is essential. With so many new platforms to display content, the possibilities are endless. This opportunity gets me excited as we continue to push the barriers of what people expect from an egg brand."

"Can't Beat 'Em" features fitness superstar/Onnit athlete Eric Leija in a pun-laden "fight night" scenario with a humorous surprise ending. The campaign has been a smashing success, with more than 1 million views worldwide. (Link)

The ad "Special Delivery" took highest honors during the 2022 MUSE Creative Awards. Inspired by the recent gender-reveal party craze, it is a comedic portrayal of a delivery driver lured by a "Come on in!" sign and a table full of delicious treats. He enters just as the party reaches its climax and has a comical "wanna get away" moment. (Link)

In "Eggs Over Skeezy," a family makes a late-night visit to a dubious food truck and finds that its proprietor is more than he seems — or is he? (Link)

Country star Nate Kenyon takes center stage in "Chicken Scratch." In this music video-format ad, he portrays a lovelorn rancher jilted by his favorite chicken, who has flown the coop for Chino Valley. A string of puns delivered in convincing country heartbreak style culminate in the tagline, "The Grass Is Greener at Chino Valley." (Link)

CVR also released a unique and widely viewed animation for Comet Eggs, whose "intergalactic orange yolks" are explained with an amusing backstory about Cold War-era chickens in space. (Link)

"We love what we do here at Chino and can't wait to share that message with our customers," Nichols says. "This past year, we took a different approach to advertising in order to bring our audience something new. Eggs are a food that is so versatile and fun to cook with, we wanted to bring out some of that humor and celebrate a new way to look at eggs. We see our content as leading the industry forward and can't wait to see what we do in 2023."

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