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Announcing DPOP Studios – a new emergent media company from filmmaker Dan Sickles

Announcing DPOP Studios – a new emergent media company from filmmaker Dan Sickles

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Announcing DPOP Studios, a future-forward, artist-led emergent media company founded in New York City by internationally acclaimed filmmaker, Dan Sickles.

“Our mission is to create more equitable ecosystems for today’s brilliant creators, and DPOP Studios is building an incredible team of partners to accomplish exactly this.” –Dan Sickles, Founder

Dedicated to developing compelling narratives across various mediums, DPOP employs new technology to empower storytelling while informing policy. Positioned at the forefront of the future of cinema, DPOP, in collaboration with creative-technologists all over the world, is producing novel, high-quality stories in cutting-edge ways and actively addressing larger industry issues surrounding ownership and distribution.

Specializing in film, blockchain technology and genre-bending, tech-forward art, DPOP Studios and founder Dan Sickles are pioneering new innovations with key partners to create powerful advancements across the film, fine art, tech and finance industries – more specifically, designing new models for the financing and distribution of emergent media.

Dan Sickles often finds his work at the foreground of cultural shifts. His first film, Mala Mala, produced by Christine Vachon and Killer Films, premiered in 2014 and received numerous awards including recognition by Amnesty International for its approach to socially-conscious storytelling. Most notably, Mala Mala would be the first-ever documentary film from Puerto Rico to receive stateside theatrical release and is one of the first to document the burgeoning transliberation movement.

In 2017, Sickles won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival for his second film, DINA, produced by Dan Cogan, Impact Partners, and Killer Films. A critical darling, DINA would win numerous awards including Best Feature Film at the International Documentary Association Awards. That same year, Sickles was recognized with the PEEK Award and the ARC Alliance Community Service Award for his work with neurodiverse communities.

Sickles and his team at DPOP Studios are currently in post-production on his third feature film, I’M NEW HERE, a multi-format, multi-platform story about the power of art and culture told through the eyes of a new user entering the cryptosphere. “In developing I’M NEW HERE, it became obvious the need for a future-leaning production company, one primed at linking new creatives to new ideas through new technology. That’s how DPOP was born.” says Sickles.

Forthcoming from the Studio is an exciting announcement in association with Art Basel Miami and Stability AI.

For more information on current and future projects and/or for press inquiries, contact Lauren Guido [email protected]


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DPOP Studios is an emerging media studio dedicated to crafting compelling narratives across mediums and dimensions. We partner with creative technologists to create new models for financing, production, and distribution of new media.

I’M NEW HERE is the story of how the NFT space emerged and where it’s going, told from the perspective of a new user. Through intertwined documentary and narrative storylines, the film explores the cryptoverse, from the blockchain’s birth in 1989 to the present, with a focus on the most recent NFT market cycle. Guided by a new user, ROOKIE, we are introduced to real-world subjects – the cryproverse’s most notable artists and critics who explore its origins, wonders, pitfalls and unknown potentials. Directed by Dan Sickles, produced by Hannah Roodman, Bruce Cheung, and Shane Boris, Executive Produced by William Swann, Rahilla Zafar, and Kai Turner, I‘M NEW HERE is slated to premiere in 2024.


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