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Jazz Saxophonist and Multimedia Artist, Shaddow, Unveils Shaddowryderz Hand Sign – A New Mudra Representation for His Burgeoning ‘Shaddowryderz Army’ Fanbase

ARLINGTON, Texas, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Texas-based musician, Shaddow, recently created a new engagement tool after revealing a unique somatic gesture to help bind his growing legion of fans together in fellowship. Shaddow also revealed plans for an upcoming ambitious music/short-film project set to change how music shapes the lives of listeners.

“The sign is similar to the iconic ‘Zoltan’ hand gesture many will recognize, so that makes it fun,” said Shaddow. “But the Shaddowryderz Hand Sign offers a new and important twist: forming an outward facing S, rather than a Z. And when fans see it, they are encouraged to chant, ‘SHADDOWRYDERZ!’ We are already a family, and this energized sense of unity and group identity helps lead into my upcoming projects – something so big that I know it will pull us all into a new evolution.”

Affectionately known as the “Shaddowryderz Army,” both Shaddow and his fans have always fostered a close-knit community who share not only his passion for great tunes, but a need to reach for something greater in themselves.

More Than Just Gestures – Through Time and Space in ‘The Nightfall Suites’

“My vision is to create an ever-expanding universe for my fans to immerse themselves in. So when I started making this album, I was aiming for something more than just a collection of songs. I wanted an evolving narrative that pulls listeners into a different dimension.”

Already deep in development, Shaddow’s expansive multimedia project is titled “The Nightfall Suites” and was created to honor the Shaddowryderz Army. The futuristic 23-track tableau is accompanied by 23 musical film episodes, along with a planned comic strip series, and will be available exclusively to Shaddowryderz Army members. Each episode contributes to the overarching storyline, concluding with cliffhangers that segue into subsequent albums.

“This isn’t just about jazz – it’s about challenging the very perceptions of what music can accomplish, both emotionally and spiritually. And it’s about inviting listeners to journey across time and space with me. To explore a story that begins in ancient history yet moves into the future – a future where humanity has achieved a new level of consciousness.”

“The Nightfall Suites” serves as a cornerstone in Shaddow’s ambitious multimedia universe with a project storyline that captures the essence of Shaddow featured a set of new personifications: avatars known as Shaddow the Jazz Djedi and a black Special Agent named Agent S. Each track on the album, with titles such as “Nightfall,” “Up Real High,” and “The Future Belongs to Us,” stand as distinct episodes, adding multiple layers to the story.

“Ultimately, ‘The Nightfall Suites’ is an interstellar space odyssey that spans across 500,000 years of human history with a story that depicts a musician’s quest – the Bard’s Journey – to defeat a malevolent force known as I.N.O. So I invite you to stick around and see how it all turns out.”

New and current members of the Shaddowryderz Army are urged to stay updated and in contact by following Shaddow on his active YouTube channel.

About Shaddow

Shaddow is a Texas-based music artist, saxophonist, songwriter, and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the music industry. Citing influences ranging from Ronnie Laws to Stevie Wonder, Shaddow combines elements of jazz, fantasy, sci-fi, and other popular cultural motifs into his music, forming an artistic mosaic that is as stunning as it is uniquely expressive. Never limited to one medium or genre, Shaddow enjoys branching out, like his recent venture into the world of NFTs or his upcoming narrative music/movie projects. Learn more about his art and his vibe at: https://linktr.ee/shaddowmusic.

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(808) 444-7257

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