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Midland Radio Launches Heavy-Duty and Waterproof Speakers for Clear Communication

Midland Radio Launches Heavy-Duty and Waterproof Speakers for Clear Communication

New 20-Watt Speakers are Durable, Versatile, and Noise-Canceling to Ensure Crisp Sound in Loud, Rugged Environments

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Midland Radio, leader in two-way radio communication technology, announced the highly anticipated release of two heavy-duty speakers. The 20 Watt SPK100 External Speaker and 20 Watt SPK200 Amplified External Speaker are meticulously engineered to ensure impeccable sound quality, seamless communication, and durability in harsh environments.

Designed to meet the demands of various industries and outdoor enthusiasts, the SPK100 and SPK200 provide an exceptional audio experience, even in severe conditions. With waterproof protection, these speakers are ideal for challenging environments including farm work, off-road adventures, RV trips, marine use, and loud construction sites. Both models are equipped with a 1.5ft cable for convenient mounting options, delivering a versatile and flexible user experience.

One of the most standout features of the SPK200 is its advanced noise-canceling technology, available at three levels, with each level enhancing the noise-canceling performance to align with user preference based on the environment. Midland Radio’s innovative chip technology empowers the SPK200 to effectively eliminate unwanted background noise, enabling crystal-clear voice communication without any distractions. The SPK100 and SPK200 are compatible with the MicroMobile Radio line and CB Two-Way Radios as well as other two-way radios with a 3.5mm output, ensuring seamless integration into existing Midland Radio communication systems.

“Our new external speakers are specifically designed and engineered to empower users to achieve consistent communication even in the most demanding environments,” said Lisa Pruetting, product manager at Midland Radio. “We recognize the vital needs of both farm workers and our outdoor enthusiast customers when it comes to clear communication amidst the clamor of their environments. By pushing boundaries, Midland Radio has redefined the standards, offering unparalleled audio experience and quality craftsmanship.”

With the introduction of the SPK100 and SPK200 speakers, Midland Radio customers can experience unmatched sound quality without having to worry about noisy environments in which they need to get the job done.

The 20 Watt SPK100 External Speaker is priced at $69.99, while the 20 Watt SPK200 Amplified External Speaker is available for $129.99. Both models are currently available for purchase exclusively through Midland Radio’s official website, midlandusa.com.

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For over 50 years, Midland Radio has taken a pioneering role in two-way radio technology, introducing CB radio and 14-channel FRS radio technology to the market. Today, Midland is the leading supplier of two-way radios and weather alert radios and an innovator in emergency radio technology. Headquartered in Kansas City, the heart of the country, the Midland brand represents quality, value, and reliability, with products sold in leading consumer electronics, sporting goods, specialty outdoor and many other retailers nationwide. For more information, visit www.midlandusa.com.

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