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“Sake Hundred,” World’s Foremost Luxury Sake Brand, Offered at One-of-a-Kind Pairing/Music Event at Prestigious Chicago Club

TOKYO, May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The luxury sake brand “Sake Hundred” operated by Clear Inc. of Tokyo was offered at a special tasting and music event held on April 6, 2023, at The Chicago Club, a prestigious, members-only venue in Chicago, Illinois. Clear cosponsored the sake-celebrating event with The Chicago Club in an exploration of the five senses. The company has recently expanded its business with Sake Hundred in the United States.



Soloist Rieko Tsuchida, an internationally-renowned pianist from Japan, provided music for the event while guests dined on a course menu pairing Sake Hundred’s “Byakko Bespoke,” “Shirin” and “Amairo.”

The event presented an opportunity for Sake Hundred to communicate the universal appeal of sake and music alongside a spectacular dining experience.

The event served as another example of Sake Hundred’s philosophy to “fill your heart and color your life” of consumers everywhere through sake.

Byakko Bespoke is one of Sake Hundred’s flagship products, featuring an 18% rice polish rate. Byakko Bespoke is specifically designed for pairings. Meanwhile, Shirin is mizunara (Japanese oak) barrel-rested sake that takes on woody, smoky notes from the resting process. Finally, Amairo is Sake Hundred’s novel dessert sake, made to be enjoyed on its own as a dessert, or paired with sweet offerings including vanilla ice cream.

Ms. Tsuchida says of the event: “Enjoying Sake Hundred is akin to experiencing varieties of music. Each sake has its own story to tell and its own unique characteristics.”

Each of the Sake Hundred sake labels was paired with musical accompaniments from Ms. Tsuchida that meshed with their unique stories, aromas and flavor profiles.

The Chicago Club’s sommelier and beverage manager, Timothy Canezaro, said of the dinner: “The Chicago Club was happy to host an event with Sake Hundred. We have not poured many examples of sake here but these were the best we have featured by far. All three brews were Grand Cru-level expressions and were an eye-opening introduction to pleasures of premium sake.”

The event presented a rare opportunity for guests to enjoy sake with a wide variety of international foods designed by The Chicago Club’s chefs and carefully curated by Sommelier Canezaro.

About Sake Hundred:

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