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Fox & Moghul Secures $550,000 Jury Verdict in Landmark Construction Defect Case

Fox & Moghul Wins $550,000 in Pioneering Construction Defect Litigation, Setting a New Precedent for Consumer Protection

In a significant victory for consumer rights and construction law, the Fairfax-based boutique law firm Fox & Moghul announced today that it has secured a $550,000 jury verdict in favor of their client against a construction company. The verdict came after a four-day trial in the Fairfax County Circuit Court, highlighting the firm's expertise in navigating complex real estate disputes involving claims for fraud, conspiracy to defraud, breach of contract, negligence per se and Virginia Consumer Protection Act violations. 

The jury awarded a substantial sum in total damages, including double damages under the Virginia Consumer Protection Act for "willful" violations of the statute, marking a precedent-setting application of the law in construction defect litigation. This award reflects the jury's recognition of the defendants' wrongful actions and serves as a stern warning to construction companies about the importance of adhering to consumer protection laws.

In addition to the damages awarded, Fox & Moghul is also committed to ensuring recovery of the client’s attorneys’ fees incurred in litigating this hotly contested dispute. This recovery further underscores the firm's commitment to not only achieving justice for their clients but also ensuring that they are made whole from the financial burdens imposed by such legal battles.

Throughout the case, the defendant construction company and its agents were sanctioned multiple times for discovery related matters. This pattern of noncompliance with discovery culminated in an Adverse Inference Instruction against the Defendants for spoliation of evidence under Va Code 8.01-379.2:1.

Lead counsel Faisal Moghul, and second chair Joseph Rugari, have once again demonstrated their unparalleled expertise in the field of real estate law, particularly in complex disputes involving construction defects. Their diligent and strategic approach to this case has not only resulted in a significant financial award for their client but has also contributed to the development of Virginia law in a manner that protects consumers from improper practices in the construction industry. 

Fox & Moghul is known for its focus on complex real estate disputes and has a long history of advocating for fairness and integrity in the real estate and construction sectors. The firm’s partners, Terry Fox and Faisal Moghul, are widely recognized as thought leaders in the field, regularly contributing to leading legal publications and speaking at industry events.

This landmark verdict is a testament to Fox & Moghul's commitment to excellence in legal representation and its dedication to upholding the rights of consumers in Virginia. For more information about this case please contact our Paralegal Taylor Erny at [email protected].  

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