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China Matters’ Feature: A Coastal City of Modernity and Tradition USA – English APAC – English

BEIJING, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Yantai is always known for its beautiful coastline and appealing islands. Embracing both modern and traditional cultures, the coastal city awaits visitors to explore.

In Suochengli, a 600-year-old neighborhood in Yantai, a museam of paper-cutting displays a vibrant piece of Yantai’s traditional culture. China Matters’s Jack learns the basic techniques of paper-cutting, and gains an understanding of the history and culture behind this traditional art.

China Matter’s another host, Evy gets a taste of Yantai’s cuisine culture by making her very own personalized wine mix in China’s top wine producer, Changyu, and learning from a local award-winning chef of Shandong cuisine.

The dish she learns is a new-style Shandong dish – chrysanthemum-shaped abalone in spinach and clam soup which, in Evy’s eyes demonstrates the innovation of Shandong cuisine and Yantai people’s open way of life.

How do Jack’s papercut and Evy’s Shandong dish end up, and what else do they experience in Yantai city? Check out the video and see what interesting experience is presented in the video.

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