World-Class Visionaries Join the Roster of the Industry’s Most Elite Storytellers, Including Filmmaker Sharrone Calafiore and Photographers Mike Mezeul II, Malike Sidibe and Gilmar Smith

MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Nikon Inc. announced the addition of four new imaging professionals to the prestigious Nikon Ambassador program, a group of influential visual artists and leaders in modern photography and videography. These newest additions bring dynamic energy and a diverse skillset to Nikon’s curated team of the world’s top creative minds.

“This year, the Nikon Ambassador program celebrates ten years, and since the program’s inception both the visual medium and the industry itself have evolved dramatically, with trends, styles and technology that our Ambassadors have adapted to in order to thrive,” said Mike Corrado, NPS Senior Manager, Pro Relations and Product Marketing, Nikon Inc. “Along with the other Nikon Ambassadors, these four individuals represent the best of modern storytelling, and embody the spirit of the Ambassador program to mentor, inspire and empower all types of creative professionals and enthusiasts.”

These four new Ambassadors are well known for the significant contributions they make to modern photography and filmmaking. As part of their responsibility as Ambassadors, they will offer a unique perspective and style that help advance the imaging industry and shape the way audiences see the world, while helping Nikon develop and respond to the evolving needs of imaging professionals.

Nikon’s Newest Professional Ambassadors

Sharrone Calafiore 
Sharrone Calafiore is a wedding filmmaker that creates captivating and unique films that are as genuine as they are beautiful. She is the creative force behind Fiore Films, which she established in 2008 with her husband, Chris. With a background as a video editor, Sharrone believes the key to creating unforgettable films is musicality and creative editing. It’s this ability to seamlessly weave imagery and music, along with an intense attention to detail, that creates a cinematic experience that transports viewers into the heart of each couple’s love story.

Her sophisticated and unique style is heavily influenced by her love for fashion, music and romance, all of which shape her distinct aesthetic, resulting as one of the most recognizable in the industry. Sharrone has won numerous awards and industry accolades and takes pride that her content is described as anywhere from “moody” and “edgy” to “dreamy” and “elegant”. @fiorefilms

Mike Mezeul II
A self-proclaimed nerd for everything nature, Mike’s life journey has been dedicated to capturing the beauty of the world’s most powerful and breathtaking landscapes. Mike is most well-known for epic imagery that brazenly conveys the raw and unrelenting power of nature and the Earth. From the frozen expanses of the Arctic Circle to the fiery heart of active volcanoes, he pushes the boundaries of traditional landscape photography.

Born with an innate sense of wonder and a deep connection to nature, Mike has transformed his passion for adventure into a remarkable career that blends photography, storytelling, and environmental advocacy. Equipped with a camera and an unyielding spirit, Mike travels the globe in search of moments that showcase the power of nature. His keen eye for detail and natural ability to capture the essence of a moment have yielded a breathtaking portfolio that showcases the Earth’s raw beauty in its most unfiltered form.

Mike is also an educator, sharing his passion for creating images and telling stories through leading workshops across the globe. This Texas based photographer considers life experiences a huge blessing. He has been shooting professionally for 15 years and has had the honor of working with a wide range of fantastic clients, brands and publications. @mikemezphoto

Malike Sidibe
Malike Sidibe is a rising star in the world of editorial and commercial photography. His approach is instantly recognizable, with surreal and dreamlike tones and textures that compel viewers and clients alike. At his core, Malike is an artist. He was born in Man, Cote d’Ivoire, and moved from Guinea to New York City in 2010. At age 12, his father gave him his first camera and he fell in love with photography. Starting out as a menswear design major at The Fashion Institute of Technology, he discovered that he enjoyed taking pictures of clothing more than designing it.

In 2013, Malike joined a nonprofit after-school program called NYC SALT, where he discovered photography as his true passion and path. Since then, he has won many awards, including the Nikon Award at the 2017 Eddie Adams Workshop, and recognized by TIME for one of the top 10 photos of 2020. Malike’s work reflects his creative nature, and his inspiration is drawn by the people he meets and the places he has lived. He is a high-energy creative photographer producing innovative portraits and images full of spirit and color. Malike is dedicated to creating timeless images. @malikesidibe

Gilmar Smith
Gilmar Smith is a multi-talented conceptual and portrait photographer, editor, educator, writer, reviewer and speaker based in Orlando, Florida. Gilmar empowers her clients with unique imagery that’s distinctively vibrant, colorful and never fails to evoke happiness with lighthearted humor and a creative flair. She is globally acclaimed for her creative portraiture, personal brand photography and Photoshop manipulations. Her often-daring color palettes and unconventional posing are a hallmark of her work that sparks joy in viewers and clients alike.

Gilmar believes her biggest strength is her ability to infuse each project with a unique and personal touch. She also believes in the power of images to inspire, uplift, and preserve memories that last a lifetime. @gilmarsmith

To learn more about Nikon’s Ambassador Program, please visit: www.nikonusa.com/ambassador. For more information about Nikon’s full line of imaging products, please visit www.nikonusa.com.

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