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Discover Puerto Rico Debuts Evolution of Its Successful ‘Live Boricua’ Brand Campaign Aimed at Engaging Visitors through Local Storytelling

Since its launch in 2022, the ‘Live Boricua’ campaign has captured the attention and imagination of travelers, showcasing the natural beauty, world-class beaches and rich cultural heritage of Puerto Rico, which has contributed to record tourism on the Island reaching $9.8 billion in 2023. 

“The ‘Live Boricua’ campaign has generated more than 625,000 trips to the Island and more than $2 billion in influenced visitor spending,” said Leah Chandler, Chief Marketing Officer for Discover Puerto Rico. “What makes this campaign evolution unique is the focus on locals extending the invitation to visit the Island. Puerto Ricans are at the heart of this campaign, sharing the landscapes, food, music and more that make the Island so special. It’s the start of a new conversation about what travel should mean for local communities and cultures, not just visitors.”

Beyond “Boricua’s” direct translation, meaning a person from Puerto Rico by birth or descent, it is an experience you can only find one place on earth – in Puerto Rico. ‘Live Boricua’ is the state of mind, spirit, flavor and way of life on the Island. The campaign highlights how to enjoy life the Boricua way and welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of Puerto Rico – through dance, music, gastronomy, mixology, fashion, art and nature.

“The concept of ‘Live Boricua’ is one no other destination can claim. This guided how we captured and communicated the passion of the Island and its diverse people,” said Luis Gerard, Creative Director of the ‘Live Boricua’ campaign. “It was incredible to work with fellow Boricuas and spotlight places that play an important role in Puerto Rico’s history and culture, and the diversity of people and experiences that are prominent throughout the Island.” 

‘Live Boricua’ is being brought to life via new advertising and activations that spotlight #LiveBoricua moments shared by Puerto Ricans, Puerto Rican diaspora and destination lovers. For a look behind the scenes of the ‘Live Boricua’ campaign, visit the Discover Puerto Rico YouTube Page and follow along on Instagram, Facebook and DiscoverPuertoRico.com.

“The energy while developing and capturing this campaign was inspiring and contagious,” shares Adriana Rivera, Multimedia Director for Discover Puerto Rico. “I’m proud to have worked with my fellow Boricuas to bring this to life and show the world what it means to ‘Live Boricua.'”

About Discover Puerto Rico
Discover Puerto Rico is a private, not-for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) whose mission is to make Puerto Rico visible to the world as a premier travel destination. The DMO brings prosperity to the people of Puerto Rico by collaboratively promoting the Island’s diversity and uniqueness for leisure and business travel, and events. It is responsible for all global marketing, sales, and promotion of the destination and works collaboratively with key local governmental and nongovernmental players throughout Puerto Rico’s visitor economy and the community at large, to empower economic growth. To discover all the beauty the Island has to offer, visit DiscoverPuertoRico.com.

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