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She’s white. She’s 75. And she’s on a 754-mile pilgrimage from Chicago to Montgomery for social change.

She’s white. She’s 75. And she’s on a 754-mile pilgrimage from Chicago to Montgomery for social change.

Rachelle Zola will launch her pilgrimage and perform her one-woman show – “Late: a Love Story” – produced in collaboration with Theatre Y, along the route.

CHICAGO, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rachelle Zola, a 75-year-old white woman, embarks on a remarkable pilgrimage on April 2, 2024 from Chicago, Illinois to Montgomery, Alabama, spanning 754 miles. Until 4-1/2 years ago she had never considered the Black community, their lives, their lived experiences – the depth of the trauma and harm that they experience every day. Her mission is to confront the pervasive realities of racism and amplify the voices of those who have long been marginalized and silenced.

Rachelle will launch from Theatre Y in the North Lawndale neighborhood, in Chicago. During this six-month pilgrimage, she will perform her one-woman show, “Late a Love Story” produced with Theatre Y. In this performance, Rachelle vulnerably shares her own story which transitions seamlessly into ten friends sharing their stories steeped in the devastating legacy of the past. Through listening, she continues to take in the profound injustices faced by Black Americans. Rachelle will be performing “Late: a Love Story” Saturday, March 30, just a few days before the beginning of her pilgrimage. It’s free and open to the public.

Driven by love and reverence for those reshaping her perspective, Rachelle invites communities along her route to join in conversation, reflection, and solidarity. For those interested in hosting a performance or walking alongside her – mayors, civic groups, universities, churches or others – please contact Rachelle directly at [email protected]

Each step of her pilgrimage is a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit, a journey toward healing and understanding.

From Chicago’s streets to Montgomery’s pathways, Rachelle seeks to bridge divides and foster empathy through storytelling.

Rachelle Zola: Advocate for Social Justice and Racial Equity, Facilitator, Educator, Author

Rachelle is a life-long advocate – from working with children with special needs and their families to her current work. She’s captured national attention and continues to make waves. In 2021, Rachelle garnered recognition for a 40-day hunger strike demanding Congress pass H.R. 40: Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act. With a vision focused on reimagining the world, Zola inspires communities to confront injustices and work for equality and compassion. 


SOURCE Theatre Y

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